Warm, cool, what does it all mean?

You are not the only one who struggles with choosing the correct Foundation.The source of the confusion is that warmness or coolness in skin tone is not about pink and yellow. It’s really about peach and blue (or
red/yellow and blue/purple as skin tone gets darker). The English dictionary defines it like this: English/Irish face (pale, ruddy, with a cool blue-pink), that’s where people get the impression that pink undertones =  

Its not so much about yellow or pink. Because ANY color (blue, red and yellow) can be cool or warm depending on what tones it has in it and yellow = neutral. Blue is cold, red is warm…. In short, its not about the 3 primary colors alone, but how they are used together. This diagram should clear it up for you.

"Watching you, Eric and others have taught me how to accent what is already beautiful."  Thank you!

If you want to know your foundation shade, the best way to do it is
to visit a counter whose makeup artists you trust, ask them to match
you, look at yourself in natural light, and see if you agree.