Spring Makeup Tips & Tricks

The time of no-makeup makeup is officially over: It's the season for bright lips, electric eyes, contouring highlighter and false lashes. Always come here for the right trends to know.

Regina Hall's bright fuchsia lipstick is a perfect color for spring

 Bold red lipstick is classic,  but nothing says shade like a true pink bold lip
Anytime a not so safe color pops up in a major way, You might say How do I wear that? The answer, when it comes to bold looks take a chance and wear it any way you desire. 
Highlighting and contouring are two crafty li’l tricks that you can use to enhance your bone structure and make it look as though you’re constantly under the most flattering movie lighting possible. Even if you’re not going to an event, it’s fun to experiment with elements of ~drama~ in your makeup.

Summer time any time, is my motto. Make it an endless summer using bronzer and highlighter for a naturally tan sheen-the kind you'd find on a supermodel.who spent her entire break on the beach.
Beauty Tip: Use a brush, sponge, or your fingers to blend your makeup until there is no visible line of demarcation between the highlighter and your foundation. You want this to look effortless.

Apply false eyelashes so they look as natural as possible.

You have several options when it comes to false lashes: A full set of false lashes or small clusters of individual lashes.