You Are What You Project! Welcome to the place where the world's most alluring women can really say their skin "feels like velvet."   The models, actresses and celebrities I have been privileged to work with have one trait that causes them to always stand out in a crowd--the attitude they project to all of us. These women that you sometimes see at a stop light, a movie premiere, on the silver screen, adorning the pages of our favorite magazines are not always the most beautiful women god ever created. Please don't tell them that! All women can be truly beautiful. The sad but true fact of life is that there are some perhaps lovely women out there who seem to hold on to very old ideology. I have worked with desperate housewives who decided to throw all of their beauty, wellness and nutrition lifestyles out the window. Simply because each have felt it was too self indulging. So what do they do with their extra time? It is never necessary to give up caring for yourself just to love someone else. It is only when you truly love and respect who you are, that you can give to others freely. Be The Star of Your Own Show. You should be exactly what people notice.Your makeup and fashion sense should never compete for attention with each other, or with you. Stay with the basics, but create your own style with a few of your signature pieces.