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The power of applying the right color lipstick

   Landing on a lipstick shade that looks fabulous on you is a lot easier if you know your undertone. The tone of your skin is its apparent strength of color and is usually described as light, medium, and dark. However, when picking a lip color   be honest about your complexion. It’s important to pay close attention to the undertones in the different areas on your face. Your complexion undertone can be more difficult to identify. It is the subtle hue beneath the surface of your skin and is categorized as warm, neutral, or cool-toned.  Pro tip :  Exfoliate your lips prior to applying lipstick. Apply to bare lips and pair with a lip liner for added definition. Avoid oily/greasy food Shop
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Thinning Eyebrows?

If you’re dealing with hair loss of your eyebrows, you can’t solve the problem without the right products to accelerate growth. One product in particular that will do you wonders is an eyebrow serum that can condition your arches while also treating the issue. Keep in mind the best growth serum for eyebrows will not only tackle eyebrow hair loss, but it will also prevent it in the future. For a quick temporary fix: Using a fine-tip eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas is an easy way to create hair-like fibers that won’t look unnatural. To get a closer look at the natural shape of your eyebrows and to spot any unevenness, first brush your eyebrows upwards with a spoolie brush. The goal is to really have the most even brows, but try not to overly fill in the inside corners of the brows or make the end points too harsh. If there are any harsh lines once you’re done filling them in, use a spoolie brush to blend out the color. You can follow this up by using a clear eyebrow gel to keep an

Hello 2021~~~ Are You Ready for 'Pretty'?

  I am not sorry to see 2020 come to an end. It’s been one crisis after another and more stress and suffering than any person, community or nation should have to endure. The world came undone this year. But we now have a chance to put it back together with new possibilities. Be kind to yourself and to other's. Be considerate toward everyone you encounter. Thank you!

Is Face Primer Necessary?

Face primers are great barriers between your skin and the makeup. If you're like most of us and got a few facial skin issues such as: uneven skin tone, large pores, etc, or you wear tons of makeup or you just want to switch up your makeup style, it’s necessary to invest in a good face primer. Face Primers are so beloved, because they can do so much more than just make your foundation go on smoother. Primers sort of wear many hats — smoothing, concealing, protecting and prepping — their main roles are to keep your makeup on longer and give your skin a smooth, flawless finish. Any fading, bleeding or blotchy behavior that can occur throughout the day can usually be prevented with the use of a little bit of primer under your foundation (just make sure the ingredients play well together!). Better yet, many primers now are also infused with SPF, so they help keep your skin protected from UV rays while lending radiance. For application, try a priming brush that can help you evenly distr

The Simplest Way to Apply Bronzer to Your Face in Seconds

DEVEZIN BRONZER "GLOW" First, you must use  a bronzer that actually matches your skin tone . Then, gently rub a fluffy blending brush over the bronzer, tap off any excess, and swirl it in small concentric circles across your hairline, from one temple to the other. Next, contouring your cheekbones   is way easier than you've been led to believe. Just reload your brush in bronzer, swipe a line of powder from your ear to the apple of your cheek, then  gently blend it out using tiny circular brush strokes , rather than a back-and-forth wiper motion. DON'T: Use a shade that's too dark.

Get ready for spring break! Face time your new Look!

By making the focus your eyes and keeping everything else somewhat minimal, this daytime look is the perfect way to being a colorful spring beauty. After prepping your lids with   an eyeshadow primer, apply your favorite   pale eyeshadow   using a   soft, dense eyeshadow brush. Use the same brush to rim your eyes in a   complementary shadow. Toss on some   mascara   (wipe off excess product first to give your lashes a more feathery appearance), dab some   blush   on your cheeks and finish up with a touch of   sheer lipstick .