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Cream Gel Liners - Devezin Cosmetics

What it is: A dramatic and intense 12-hour eyeliner. What it does: Devezin Cosmetics Cream Gel liner has a rich, creamy color that glides on smoothly with a completely budge-proof finish. Its incomparable wear lasts for 12 hours without smearing or caking. What else you need to know: The deeply dramatic shades are named after famous trees in the world. Try the rich  deep copper of "Absolute Brown," "Plum" unabashed iridescent purple, or the sleek slate gray of "Smoke." Start your day in one color and end it in another with your liner maintaining absolute intensity. This product has been ophthalmologist tested. Tip: Use with a liner brush and walk the brush across the lash line.

Uncover Your Voice; Listen With Your Eyes

Recently, when I went grocery shopping at our local whole foods. After checking out, two guys started up their Harley-Davidson motorcycles, parked maybe 25 feet from me. Naturally, being Harley guys, these were rebels -- lone wolves, guys who do it Their Way, guys who do not follow the crowd. You could tell because they were wearing the same jeans, jackets, boots, bandannas, sunglasses, belt buckles, tattoos and (presumably) underwear worn by roughly 28 million other lone-wolf Harley guys.Of course, I continue walking toward my car and then I noticed a shadow behind me fastly approaching. I hear a mans voice, excuse me sir; aren't you a makeup artist? I sort of froze and said in my head"did he just say that" I turned and replied yes I am.  He went on to say that he and his then girlfriend now wife met me at a makeover show and I was the makeup artist who worked on her. At first I really didn't remember. But the more he talked the more I remembered. Needless

EYE on Beauty TV

'We’d like to express our gratitude for the wonderful opportunity Eric Devezin Creative Director for Devezin Cosmetics had in providing real time beauty commentary and updates via '#emmysbeauty' during yesterday's Emmy Awards red carpet arrivals for Beauty . The show itself was very well done and enjoyed by many who love the arts especially EYE on Beauty TV Beauty’s renewed united commitment is a boost to fashion and beauty attics morale and a vote of confidence to the 'look good' 'feel good' industry’s future. For that, we thank them. Devezin says "fall is all about sculpting the lips!" Nothing is more flattering to a women then knowing she looks as natural as possible.

It's Time Mr. Emmy....

Will Kerry Washington take home the Emmy today? read :

Backstage: What Professional Makeup Artist Really Use

We all know about Voluminous mascara and Vampy red lipstick—but what about the dark horses of the makeup world? The secret weapons that make it happen backstage when things have to be truly gorgeous? Well  take it from a professional makeup artists as I dish the the 'miracle 'T' 'honey' .... Trust!      Japonesque Precision Lash Curler  Yes, this tool looks like a torture device — but it's the best way to get super-curled, long-lasting fringe. This tool allows you to get right to the base of the lashes, which is the key to creating a curl that lasts all day long. To get to the bottom of what your favorite makeup artists rely on — and what you should be investing in for your makeup bags — you've come straight to the source to get the lowdown on everything from the best skin prep to the most luxurious bronzer on the market. Read through, but be warned: You'll want to toss your makeup bag and start fresh with these all-star products

Black Stories Told From a White Perspective?

"42" and "The Help" had white helmers; "The Butler" and "12 Years a Slave" didn't. The Oscar-nominated director questions the studios' motives in telling black stories with scant African-American input: "It's as if the studios are saying, 'We want it black, just not that black.' " says movie maker John Singleton. Singleton went on to say "Whenever a black-themed film comes out, I get the call. And even more stops on the street. "Yo, man. What did you think of that flick?" The truth is, I wish folks would ask me what I think of some general releases. (My two favorite movies of the summer were comedies: Seth Rogen's This Is the End and Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine .) But, hey, I guess commenting on all things black is my lot in life, being that I'm a recognizable African-American face in an industry that isn't exactly the gold standard when it comes to diversity." As

Eric's Fall Makeup Trends

Fall has arrived!  Keep some color in your makeup bag  like all of your colorful lipsticks, shadows, and colored mascara. These are easy products to go from Summer to Fall. Stay with a traditional gray, taupe, bronze, and plums for your shadow selections. You can still use the bright blue or electric purple from your summer makeup kit as an accent to your lower lash line. Rich Ombre ' lip : The trend ain’t over yet, ladies it's time to amp up the dramatic effect of your makeup and work a trendy ombré lip. The way to get a pretty plum pout with an ombré effect is by starting from the outside of your lips and working your way in toward the center. Start by lining your lips with a dark liner. Then, apply a similar lipstick shade without filling in the entire lip. Finish by sweeping on a lighter shade in the same color family on the inner section. Top that off with a clear gloss, and you'll have a fun, trendy ombré lip for the Fall season. And I always prefer

Beauty As is: Playing The Race Card

Miss America contestant, Miss New York Nina Davuluri reacts after being chosen winner of the 2014 Miss America Pageant as 2013 Miss America Mallory Hagan places a tiara on her head in Atlantic City, ... Beauty Queen Is 'Not American Enough. #SheMatters Note to racists #MissAmerica , Nina Davuluri, is just as American as you. I hadn't thought of the Miss America pageant since Kenya from Real Housewives of Atlanta was telling anyone who would listen that she was Miss USA, not Miss America. I also hadn't watched the pageant in years but tuned in briefly Sunday night. I watched long enough to see a ... See More — with Nina Davuluri .  Read more


You Are What You Project! Welcome to the place where the world's most alluring women can really say their skin "feels like velvet."   The models, actresses and celebrities I have been privileged to work with have one trait that causes them to always stand out in a crowd--the attitude they project to all of us. These women that you sometimes see at a stop light, a movie premiere, on the silver screen, adorning the pages of our favorite magazines are not always the most beautiful women god ever created. Please don't tell them that! All women can be truly beautiful. The sad but true fact of life is that there are some perhaps lovely women out there who seem to hold on to very old ideology. I have worked with desperate housewives who decided to throw all of their beauty, wellness and nutrition lifestyles out the window. Simply because each have felt it was too self indulging. So what do they do with their extra time? It is never necessary to give up caring for yourse

Devezin Cosmetics

Philosophy Live Fashion Show SS 2014

Black Hair at 2013 Fashion Week

From New York to London to Milan to Paris, style mavens around the globe avidly watched model after model strut her stuff down the runways. Fortunately for black hair followers, there was plenty of diversity in hairstyles. As we've come to expect every fashion season, the 'dos are there to complement the clothing, yet don't be surprised when a particular style or headwear steals the show!

Model Jourdan Dunn Sounds Off On Racism In The Fashion Industry

Designer Jason Wu was not among them. In fact, just yesterday five models of color walked his show, including rising star Jourdan Dunn, who hasn't shied away from speaking out about fashion's racism problem in the past. Earlier this year, after she wasn't cast in Dior's couture show (because of her curves) she tweeted, "I'm normally told I'm cancelled because I'm 'coloured' so being cancelled because of my boobs is a minor : )"

Iman Says There Were More Black Models On The Runway In The 70's Than Today

If the Diversity Coalition’s open letter accusing specific fashion designers of racism on the runway isn’t enough to get the industry’s attention, then a national TV segment will definitely do the trick.

Beauty Mistakes: How Fast Can you Age You?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. While that is certainly true, there are fairly universal concepts of beauty that people try to adhere to. In most cultures, people cling to youth for as long as they can because looking young is equivalent to looking good. So why would you do anything to make yourself look older? The only time when people try to look older is when they are younger. Yes, we’re well aware of the irony in that situation.Women put a lot of time and effort into looking beautiful. The beauty industry is huge in the US and many women work hard every morning to make themselves look their best. In addition to that, we all try our hardest to live a healthy life so we look and feel younger. Unfortunately, there are a few mistakes that you might be making that actually cause you to look older , not younger. Curious as to what they are? Here are 3 of the most common beauty mistakes that (mostly) women make… 1. Too much concealer under the eyes Dark circl

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