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Sister Shahrazad Ali IS STILL Fighting to SAVE BLACK MEN!


Hairstyles for Face Shape

 Find What Works for You 

Pioneering Supermodel Agent, Dies at 70

John Casablancas,  The founder of Elite Model Management helped make Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell into superstars.

Jessica Biel Plays with Fire… and Ice

UVA and UVB Rays

 What is the Difference Between UVA and UVB Rays All sunscreens protect against UVB rays, but it wasn't until recent years that sunscreen started including UVA protection. And in fact, not all sunscreens do. Look for one that specifically says UVA/UVB or "broad spectrum coverage" on the bottle.

The First Black Supermodel, Whom History Forgot

At the height of her career, the New York Times called Luna “a stunning Negro model whose face had the hauteur and feline grace of Nefertiti.” The designer Stephen Burrows recalled that “she was just one of those extraordinary girls.” And in 1966, when Beatrix Miller, the editor of British Vogue, chose her as the first-ever black model for that magazine’s cover, it was because of “her bite and personality.” Bethann Hardison, another ascendant model, remembers that “no one looked like her. She was like a really extraordinary species.” Soon, Luna became one of the first black models to attain superstar status in Europe, photographed by the legendary photographer David Bailey, famed for his images of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

The Changing Face of the All-American Model

“The All American look today is what America looks like in general,” Samersova said. “We are the melting pot of the world! Black, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, and Caucasian. That is the beauty of the All American look–We can BLEND all these gorgeous races together! It can literally be anything! We’ve come a long way baby! Global beauty is where it’s at!” Take a look at how the “All-American” model has evolved from the ’60s to today.


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