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Actors Video Demo Reel

Increase your chances for professional success by hiring a professional makeup artist when creating an engaging demo reel!     A well constructed demo reel with exceptional work examples is often the key to getting employment in the production and post business. Although demo reels come in a myriad of variations, there are keys to making sure your reel positions you well for potential job opportunities…

5 Smart Summer Beauty Revelations

Eric Devezin on a few small changes that can make a huge difference: SPFs will save your skin this summer I love Summer time for one simple reason: It's a reminder to get ready for the fall. The perfect time to recharge, renew, and have fun. It's also a time when many of us make promises to enjoy ourselves. So if you're going to make changes for the fall, choose now to make sure you really deliver—and that you'll be happy with yourself at the end of the year. Here are a few fast, easy beauty tips and changes to make now for benefits that last all year. 1. Take time to meditate. A few minutes of uninterrupted time can do wonders for your mental health. Studies have shown the connection between stress and acne as well as stress and tea. Since it's caffeine-free, you don't have to worry about getting dehydrated. Chamomile is my favorite, and its equally good hot or cold. 2. Get your eyebrows professionally shaped. Eyebrows are much mo