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How to Apply Eyeliner in 60 seconds

  Here are some basic tips to help you apply your pencil eyeliner with precision! Step one: extend your eyebrow to an upward position while applying, holding your eyebrow in place keeps your eyelid skin taught, allowing the pencil to distribute more smoothly. (for a straight line)! Step two: sometimes you skip that strip of skin directly above your lash line. Usually it's not bad but if you apply in a hurry, that strip of skin looks "off"!  Just take a quick second to draw downwards to ensure that no skin peeks through. Step three: if you're going for drama then leave your pencil line as is, but more often than not a smudged pencil line looks more flattering- it blends the eyeliner into your shadow and gives you more of a sophisticated look. Remember: Beauty is YOU! if you have any additional tips for pencil eyeliner application, please share.