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Fashion week fall guide

Coming Soon .... FASHION WEEK GUIDE Upcoming June 16 - 18 London Menswear June 26 - July 4 Paris Men's & Haute Couture July 1 Berlin Fashion Week July 18 Miami Fashion Week September 5 - 12 New York Fashion Week September 13 - 17 London Fashion Week September 18 - 23 Milan Fashion Week September 24 - October 2 Paris Fashion Week

Register for Skincare Ingredients Conference / Expo 2013

Who's the Sexiest Black Man on the Planet?

  Body, Voice, Style, Sense of Humor, Money, Status & Power, and Intelligence. So, what makes a man sexy? The answer is simple. Sexiness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. In general, however, men who posses the qualities mentioned above stand a good chance of being labelled ‘sexy’ by most women.

What 50 Looks Like

Simple Ways To Resist Aging

The Sun is Your Skin's #1 Enemy.

Devezin Cosmetics You should always make sun protection a priority. Use a sunscreen formulated for your skin along with your moisturizer. Much of the evidence of aging; rough skin, wrinkles, age spots, dark circles, dry skin., etc are really the result of too much sun Always apply lots of protection not only to your face but share it generously to the neck, hands and hairline areas. .

Watch Vintage Bowles: Hamish Shopping for Couture Dresses in Chicago

VINTAGE BOWLES The term vintage is used to describe clothing between 20 and 100* years old which is clearly representitive of the era in which it was produced. Vintage clothing can be used, new, manufactured, and handmade. It is important to understand that the definition of vintage is fluid, so every decade brings forth new items as "vintage". It is also important to understand that all vintage will eventually become antique. VINTAGE MAKEUP LOOKS When you think of make-up styles from the 1950s, you think of Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Maureen O ‘ Hara and numerous other Hollywood stars. Quite simply, these women were not only fashion icons but beauty icons for women around the world. Their make-up looks defined the era, and it was without doubt the age of glamour ! beauty salons and powder rooms became hallowed sanctuaries for glamorous women.Pastels ruled in this decade, pale pinks, greens, blues and yellows, and if ever there was a color that

Zoe Saldana Goes Nude For Allure + 6 Black Beauties Who Posed Before Her

 Celebrity -Style for Black Women  Image Courtesy of Imdb Get the look