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Are you wearing the wrong foundation shade

Foundation isn't supposed to make you look as if you got a fresh tan. After all, that's what bronzers are for. Instead, it's supposed to create a perfect, smooth complexion and cover-up any imperfections. This is why you should always use a foundation which blends in with your skin. I recommend testing on your jawline (not your hand!) before buying, and when possible, ask for a sample first. That way you can try it at home -- and look at your skin in various lighting situations -- to make sure the shade you choose looks natural.

Why use quality makeup brushes? The right makeup brush will:

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Eric has training spanning over 20 years from the Makeup Academy School of Beauty in San Francisco, MAC Pro Cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Senna Cosmetics, Prescriptives, Black Opal, Devezin Cosmetics Los Angeles, etc. For many years he worked as an assistant for the Allen Edwards and Aveda Kriza salons in LA. He now freelances in a LA salon where makeup and skin care are offered and also provides freelance makeup artist services to local modeling agencies.In addition he provides makeup artistry to many actors, models, and celebrities for their headshots, portfolios, and promo/marketing materials.His work is seen in magazines, runway, television, film, CD covers, etc.

How can I be Pretty!

Being pretty is not as hard as you might think. All you need to do is follow the steps below on how to look pretty and work on building your confidence. After all, confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a person! Read on to achieve a pretty face! Show your inner beauty. Attractiveness doesn't just come from how you look, it comes from how you act and how other people perceive. It's confidence, certainly, but it's also kindness, being a good listener, and being respectful to other people. Educate yourself about perceptions of beauty. The absolute most important thing you need to remember is that beauty standards (what is "pretty" for example) are completely subjective and depend on what society views as attractive. This means that beauty is constantly changing and that girls are being forced to live up to beauty standards that are basically impossible. Take care of your skin . Just getting your skin to be clear and radiant

Never Give Up Looking Your Best!

Everyone faces the challenges of environmental assaults on the skin, daily; sun, pollution and  stress takes a toll. Its very important to keep the skin hydrated, balanced and nourished. Healthy skin is without a doubt, beautiful skin. The desire of every dermatologist is for people to have beautiful skin and healthy skin care. The kind that glows with health, doesn’t have cancerous spots, acne or dry patches, doesn’t have disfiguring scars and gets compliments from everyone. Here in the real world, we have to look at our imperfections in the mirror and go out feeling like everyone is staring and judging… because we judge ourselves. “Up to 8 out of 10 women will be dissatisfied with their reflection, and more than half may see a distorted image.” You can buy the most expensive skin care products available and still miss the best skin care out there: self - confidence . You know it's our body's largest organ yet there is still so much we don't know ab