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How can I be Pretty!

Being pretty is not as hard as you might think. All you need to do is
follow the steps below on how to look pretty and work on building your
confidence. After all, confidence is one of the most attractive
qualities in a person! Read on to achieve a pretty face!

Show your inner beauty.
Attractiveness doesn't just come from how you look, it comes from how
you act and how other people perceive. It's confidence, certainly, but
it's also kindness, being a good listener, and being respectful to other people.

Educate yourself about perceptions of beauty.
The absolute most important thing you need to remember is that beauty
standards (what is "pretty" for example) are completely subjective and
depend on what society views as attractive. This means that beauty is
constantly changing and that girls are being forced to live up to beauty
standards that are basically impossible.

Take care of your skin.
Just getting your skin to be clear and radiant can give you the
confidence boost to feel so much prettier. If you have really bad acne
(especially if it's hereditary) you should see a dermatologist.

Try our makeup. You
don't have to wear makeup to be pretty, but there are some great ways to
enhance your natural prettiness, or to help make you feel confident and
good about yourself.

To me, pretty is an opinion, like cool. If something's labeled as cool, that's only your opinion. Everyone's not going to think it's cool just because you do. People often confuse an opinion.

Pretty " Usually used to describe someone who you would actually like to talk to, not just look at."

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