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A Moment With

Eric Devezin | Make-up Artist • Hair Stylist 

Get Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Application Process and Procedure • Different kinds of lashes: synthetic lash, faux mink, silk, 100% mink, etc. • Different curvatures of lashes: J curl, C curl, B curl, D curl, etc. • Different adhesives and Application Techniques​  Advanced Procedure • Long lasting Eyelash Extensions Applications • Increased application speed • Techniques of difficult lashes: sparse, missing, needing repair, etc. ​ Customized Design​ • Different Eye Shapes​ ​ Client Care and Management • Customer Service • Customer Consultation • Customer records Customized Design • Which length, thickness and curl to choose for different eye type • Color lashes Design Corrective Design • The choice of lashes​ • Designs and Techniques Advanced Technique Procedure • Multi-layers • Color Lashes • Crystal Application Techniques ​ ​