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Do you have a lash ritual?

How to Master Lashes Like An Expert! For many a celebrity, there's not a beauty-enhancing product more essential than mascara. It opens your eyes and brings depth to those irises—all with only a few swipes.To be frank, often times, it’s less about the brand and much more about the applicator. Although, I will say that I tend to prefer smoother mascara over a creamy one because those tend to clump more and they also feel heavy on the lashes. Read on to discover  my signature feathery, bright-eyed look. Let's Get Started I recommend a lengthening mascara. The applicator should not have any densely packed bristles. Apply one coat of mascara to clean lashes wiggling the brush upwards from the base of the lash. Be sure to coat all of your lashes once, but double-up on the center lashes. Using the same mascara coat the back of your lashes dragging upwards from mid-lash to tip — hold your mascara at a vertical angle and focus on the outer lashes, dragging your masca

Hot Right Now: Devezin Cosmetics Top Trend In Beauty

Brows are everything!!   Style is always evolving and here are o ur favorite makeup products for fall. That’s right! For naturally beautiful brows, all you need is a little pencil power. Natural Eye Liner pencils, new from Devezin Cosmetics , are at the top of the line.   By framing your features, your eyebrows set the tone for your whole look, so you first have to decide on the shape you desire. These days, fuller, more natural arches are the rage, so try to go easy on the tweezers. Here are three hot looks to try this fall: 1) Distinct brow. The Devezin Cosmetics Natural Eye Liner Pencils   features an ultra-fine point to shape and precisely fill in brows for a long-lasting, non-smudging matte finish. The pencil is available in ten shades for maximum blending: Absolute Brown, Natural, Smoke, Silence and more. 2) Essential brow. The softly hued Devezin Cosmetics Perfect Brush on Brows creates a natural brow with a youthful, subtle sheen. Also available in Ado

We dare you to try this sophisticated look

Key Makeup Accessories to Complete Your Fall Look Devezin Cosmetics Eye Shadows are known for high quality and making you look your best. From Matte  to Cream, there's sure to be an eye shadow that works for you.   Here you will find products ranging from an individual tone to palettes that contain multiple hues. You will also find primers here which are used prior to the application of eye shadow .  

LA Fashion Week: Makeup & Hair Team Available


Custom Group Makeup Artist Training

    Custom Group Makeup Artist Training Enhance your employees' skills with customized training  In today's rapidly changing working fields, it's important that your organization stay up to date with the professional skills needed for career growth. Devezin Beauty has created successful personal development training programs for a variety of  actors, musicians, models, organizations, including corporations, non-profits, and government agencies. We work with you every step of the way to deliver customized beauty and empowerment training solutions that fit with your unique office environment and goals. Our beauty experts are all working industry professionals who are also long time Devezin Beauty instructors well versed in effective teaching methodologies. You'll collaborate directly with them to determine learning objectives and design results driven training sessions that incorporate case studies from your organization. Our sessions combine e

5 Ways to Wow Your Co-workers

Learn what it takes to be your very own high profile makeup artist.   Find out how to impress the people you encounter everyday. This class will teach you how to master the types of looks that are mainstays in women's magazines everywhere, including: personal shopping, health, Q&A, and more. Learn how to have the confident  appearance you desire. Group Training   Enhance your company's media presents with customized training delivered by top Devezin Beauty instructors. Individual Class  Expand your expertise, enhance your skills, and save 30% on individual class pricing.