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Full foundation coverage without caking

How to  blur facial imperfections, conceal blemishes and leave your skin with a flawless finish? You’ve come to the right place. The way I prefer to apply full coverage foundation is with a firm foundation brush, I like to  press the product into your skin especially in areas you want more coverage. Then buff it out in the areas that need less coverage. By doing it this way you will get the coverage you want but at the same time it won’t look caked on or too heavy. Tip :  Beauty blenders are a popular tool to apply foundation. Use a gentle patting motion to apply the product. If a matte finish is your desire shop for a foundation that has a soft matte formula, lightweight and comfortable. The majority of liquid foundations contain mattifying powders that help absorb oil and combat shine.  Usually fades only minimally throughout the day with no patchiness as it wears, average about 9 hours of full coverage— on a hot day of sweating— You want coverage that is going to look as natural as