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A celeb makeup artist's bag of tricks

Reliable Beauty Favorites from # celeb Makeup Artist Eric Devezin This week Eric gives up his favorite go-to beauty items. As a professional makeup artist, he knows the importance of clean, healthy skin and quality, professional tools: 100% Synthetic Cruelty Free Vegan Brush Set  are very high quality brushes – an essential tool in every makeup kit Natural Face Primer Prep   creates a smooth, invisible layer that prepares your skin for silky, smooth makeup application and it helps makeup stay fresh and color-true all day. Gentle Gel Makeup Remover is really good at removing all makeup. It's especially great for removing stubborn mascara.   D20 MOISTURE SPRITZ     gives the skin extra hydration and has an spf, which everyone needs daily. It’s the perfect way to prep the skin before or after applying makeup.   Illuminating Moisturizer This hydrating, illuminating lotion protects from the damaging effects of free radicals and prem

#1 Trick To Younger Looking Skin

There is nothing better than relaxing on the beach. You can listen to the waves crash while enjoying the hot summer sun. Not only will you be relaxed when you leave, you will also leave with a nice golden tan. The only problem that some people have with this are tan lines, tan lines can be a problem when wearing a strapless dress or top. If you are tanning for an upcoming event such as a wedding, you will want to get rid of those tan lines before you put on your dress.