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How to Apply Highlighting Bronzer

There's a reason why some of us look better in dim light: That warm flicker of fire softly illuminates your face to make your skin look like it was back lit by the moon itself. But there's no reason to drop major cash on fancy lighting to get that effect. Makeup artist Eric Devezin teaches us five easy steps for getting that perfect natural glow! Step 1 First, choose a highlighter with gold undertones. Step 2 Next, accentuate cheeks by stippling the highlighter on top of the cheekbones. Step 3 Next, apply the highlighter to the outer edges of  your face. Step 4 Next, add a touch of luminosity to the center of the chin, which is the final high plane of the face. Step 5 Finally, to add a bit of color to the cheeks, push a touch of cream blush into the apples on top of the highlighter. Tip: Better to apply blush after the highlighter instead of before.      

Spring's most important trends

Is makeup going away? Is it the End of Makeup? We’ve seen hordes of #selfies—all pale, chapped lips and hooded eyes—on Twitter and Instagram and, oddly, as part of a cancer awareness campaign; we’ve seen New York runways drowned in “raw beauty”; and now brides are forgoing blush and shadow to achieve a “more natural look” on their wedding day. In short,  less is more !!

How to depot your makeup?

Answer:  Take the product, an eye shadow or blush for example, out of the container it came in (product usually comes in a circular, plastic container) and put it into a palette along with other eye shadows and blush colors to save space.

Warm, cool, what does it all mean?

You are not the only one who struggles with choosing the correct Foundation .The source of the confusion is that warmness or coolness in skin tone is not about pink and yellow. It’s really about peach and blue (or red/yellow and blue/purple as skin tone gets darker). The English dictionary defines it like this: English/Irish face (pale, ruddy, with a cool blue-pink), that’s where people get the impression that pink undertones =   cool. Its not so much about yellow or pink. Because ANY color (blue, red and yellow) can be cool or warm depending on what tones it has in it and yellow = neutral. Blue is cold, red is warm…. In short, its not about the 3 primary colors alone, but how they are used together. This diagram should clear it up for you. "Watching you, Eric and others have taught me how to accent what is already beautiful."  Thank you! If you want to know your foundation shade, the best way to do it is to visit a counter whose makeup artists you trust, ask th

Hide it! Corrective Concealer - Devezin Cosmetics

Hide it! Corrective Concealer - Devezin Cosmetics Cover your dark spots. Did you think we forgot about concealer? Nope, it’s best to apply after your foundation. Not only do you use less concealer this way, but your troubled areas may have already been covered when the foundation was applied. If not, take a brush to dab on some concealer then take your foundation applicator to blend that area and get an airbrushed look.


For those with special skin concerns, the evolution of foundations to include treatment ingredients helps save time, money, and stress. Devezin Cosmetics formulas are much more effective at reducing fine lines , evening discoloration, minimizing the appearance of large pores, and covering scars or blemishes.


Spring is here! It's time to schedule a photo shoot. A professional team of creative partners will help you to get the perfect looks for your brand and collection.