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Award-winning favorites!

LA's Favorite Hollywood Makeup Artist Is Taking Appointments

If you've ever wondered how Hollywood stars maintain their incredibly  youthful skin, some owe it all to Eric Devezin. The celebrated Los Angeles makeup artist and owner of  Devezin Cosmetics has been the go-to for over a decade, thanks to his signature foundation application and facials using natural ingredients. If you want to experience Devezin's velvet touch, he's taking appointments for a super-limited time. The  IMDB-approved talent and California State board licensed is a mystic beauty divas dream, as his Devezin Beauty line is infused with love and purity --enhanced with Organics, energized with anti aging ingredients, positive energy, and music of your choice. His  facials start at $60, and makeup sessions go for $175. See his full list of services  here , read about Devezin's  infatuations here, and email to book an appointment in Woodland Hills ASAP.

Winter Skin Care

Who doesn't love a natural glow during wintertime? But that tight, itchy dryness that comes along with it not so much. To prevent your skin from becoming damaged during cold weather just follow these three easy steps: Step 1.  Moisturize Choose an oil-base rather than water-base. The oil creates a protective layer on your skin and enables the skin to retain more moisture than a regular cream would. Step 2.  Sunscreen Yes, you should apply sunscreen in the winter too. The sun may not produce as much warmth, but its still sending out UV rays. Using sunscreen year-round will help reduce fine-lines and dryness.  Step 3. Hydrate Beauty starts from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water helps the skin stay moisturized and fresh looking. For another form of hydration, place a humidifier in your home or office. These handy devices add moisture to the air, which will help prevent your skin and lips from drying out. Make sure you clean the humidifier regularly to keep it s