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Backstage: What Professional Makeup Artist Really Use

We all know about Voluminous mascara and Vampy red lipstick—but what
about the dark horses of the makeup world? The secret weapons that
make it happen backstage when things have to be truly gorgeous? Well  take it from a professional makeup artists as I dish the the 'miracle 'T' 'honey' .... Trust!   
 Japonesque Precision Lash Curler 

Yes, this tool looks like a torture device — but it's the best way to get super-curled, long-lasting fringe. This tool allows you to get right to the base of the lashes, which is the key to creating a curl that lasts all day long.

To get to the bottom of what your favorite makeup artists rely on — and what you should be investing in for your makeup bags — you've come straight to the source to get the lowdown on everything from the best skin prep to the most luxurious bronzer on the market. Read through, but be warned: You'll want to toss your makeup bag and start fresh with these all-star products

As a professional makeup artist in fashion, film/television, and entertainment industries and  After many years in the making  I finally had to create my own dream product line DEVEZIN COSMETICS  
which had a soft launch so far. My cosmetic line is specifically designed for women and men, like myself, with sensitive skin. After many years working on the world's most beautiful models, actresses, and actors, I've learned what women and men need, "Beauty products that are gentle, easy to use, and reliable".

  Devezin Cosmetics Camouflage Cream Palette

Devezin is a big fan of this super-slim brow pencil for its always-sharp point — and for its versatility. I just love filled-in brows, they just complete and polish off a look — and if you're in a rush, you can just take this pencil to your lashlines for the perfect amount of natural definition.
Natural Eye Liner Pencils

   When a model shows up looking tired, I always reach for an orange-tinted concealer the, warm tone  cancel out any blue tinge under the eyes, which results in a brighter, warmer look that allows me to mix the perfect shade of peach. It also comes in a darker range of colors for deeper complexions.
Backstage at Fashion Week, a  Movie Premiere, Music Video or Photo Shoot, you'll find some of the top manicurists, makeup artists, models, and hairstylists from all over the world. And as you might imagine, it's the perfect place to uncover a wealth of beauty knowledge. Follow me, and you will learn everything from using a round brush correctly to picking the perfect red nail polish to creating the perfect foundation color match right on the back of my hand.  

Blow dryer, flat iron, and waving iron: those are the three essentials for women if they know how to style their hair. A large-barrel waving iron is not going to make your hair look like you took a curling iron to it.

Face Canvas / Face Primer

Chalk this one up as a product you've never seen before. I swears by this all-natural primer for ensuring that my celebrity clients never, ever look shiny — even under bright, hot lights on set.

One of the most important product in a makeup artists' bag? A super-sheer, yet buildable, finishing powder — and I swear that this pick is the absolute best.If you're using anything on your face that's liquid or creamy, set it with this powder —it has the silkiest-ever finish, and it'll last through anything.

"When you layer [polishes], don't choose chalky colours. Do the bottom one a semi-opaque with a little bit more colour — but not chalky — and the top one can be a pure sheer to neutralise the darker tone underneath." 
— Manicurist Jin Soon Choi at Derek Lam

"The trick to parting your hair for milkmaid braids is to keep the part messy. I use the end of my comb to make a zigzag all the way to the back of the head."

A good blowout trick for girls at home is to put a ponytail in and blow-dry the ends of the ponytail; you get rid of all the frizzy ends but you don't make it like a bouffant. It makes it look less done.
Put your mascara on before you line your eyes. This way you can see your eye shape and you can assess where to draw the line. I like the control of sponges. I like cream colours, and they are good things to blend with. But the number one use for these backstage is when someone is screaming about makeup on their clothes. It's really effective at getting makeup off.

"I don't put on foundation and leave my base clean. Sometimes I'll put yoghurt and honey on my face. I try to sleep as much as possible."
— Model Malaika Firth (pictured right) at Jason Wu

To get the dream wave, curl each section of hair in three sections: loop the top halfway around, then move the iron down and loop the middle halfway around, and then move the iron down and loop the ends halfway around.

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