SUMMER Beauty Challenge [DAY 2]

How is it going? How are you feeling so far?
Here is your challenge for DAY 2!


Summer Beauty Challenge Day 2: Wear a color you haven't worn in a while
It is easy to fall into the routine and wear the same blush  and eye shadow colors again and again. Today let's make a conscious effort to choose a color you like, but haven't worn in a while. Do you like red, orange, aqua, fuchsia? Let's do this!  
A coral eye shadow will never work without a healthy dose of confidence. Never pick a color like that and half-ass it. If you’re going for a bright, out-there color like orange or yellow, you have to commit to it. That means not blending it out until it’s so sheer that you can barely see it. Make sure it’s a strong color.

Wear a color you haven't worn in a while

                                  Rule 1: Own It!