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#askDC: What's the hottest fall makeup trend? velvet lips!

Q: I have worn my makeup the same way for as long as I can remember, and I’m super-bored with my look! What’s an easy way to change things up for fall?  –Heather in Newport Beach

A: This season, it’s all about dark lips- vampy, gothic, boho lipstick can add a touch of edge to any girlie outfit or add sex appeal to a relaxed look -- No matter your style or intention, there’s a look for you! Even better: There’s no need to sweat the details for this versatile runway favorite, especially for work, play or a romantic date.

Of course, a little product power helps. For runway-ready looks, Eric Devezin recommends his Devezin brand because the products are constantly inspired by new styles.

Here are four great ways to master the fall velvet lip trend:

1. Stop putting dark lips in the same category as blue eye shadow or neon highlights. Deep colors can be as neutral looking as long as the rest of your makeup remains understated. 

A minimal approach is key, though you might throw some under-eye concealer, and an all over highlighter in the mix. I've found a deep lip can accentuate bone structure.

2. Its all over the runways, the choices are endless. Not only did we see deep lips paired with lace miniskirts at Burberry, embellished halter tops at Anna Sui, but this makeup trend was also all over spring/summer shows like Miu Miu, Givenchy, and many more. So go for it.

Even if you don't follow fashion, this sort of sweeping shift is hard to ignore.

 3. A stark, gothic looks great on tan and black skin. As skin tends to darken in the summer the contrast between your deep lip color and your skin tone becomes less stark. If you are very fair, I recommend creating a slight ombré with the darkest color at the center. That way the shade closest to your skin is less drastic.

Brighten your eyes with thick black eye liner and finish it off with a dark glossy red lip.

Hot tip! There’s no wrong way to wear your makeup. Today’s variety of makeup highlighters, concealers, glitter and powders can take your look from day to night in a snap.

4. There’s something really contemporary about these looks. The most pigmented of the dark-lipstick spectrum; the satiny ink lips and the patent-leather pout. The key to keeping the look out of scary territory is applying lipstick precisely and pairing it with a nearly bare face.

The lack of everything else is what really makes these velvet lips special. 

Because all eyes will be on your lips, give them extra care. Prior to applying your lipstick, exfoliate lips with a dab of sugar mixed with moisturizer, then run a soft brush around the mouth with a dab of concealer to obscure any faint lines. For the most precise application, use a lip brush for control.

Apply your lip color from the center and swipe outward toward the corners so it will be symmetrical. Follow with a similar shade of pencil, carefully sketching along the edges, or a clear wax pencil to keep color from feathering. Though a runway lip often features sharp, angular edges, for the real world, I suggest something softer, especially with darker shades.

5. Because Beyoncé.  Need I say more?


Want more? If you’re ready to experiment with a new look this fall, our Studio @ Devezin Beauty makeup artist are ready. Check out our Service Menu, then book an appointment with one of our beauty experts to get the look you’ve always wanted.

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