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Switch-up your September beauty routine!🍂


Just as you switch up your hair color every few months, it’s important to do the same for your beauty routine – especially as summer gives way to autumn/fall. Notice your skin breaking out and looking dull recently? The change in seasons is probably to blame – the changing climate can lead to dead skin cell buildup, which in turn results in trapped oil and bacteria beneath the surface, and increased breakouts – and on top of this, skin will require more hydration. 
Switching temperatures constantly (OTT central heating, cold commutes, hot showers) disrupts the skin’s moisture balance, meaning skin can become a lot flakier and drier in the autumn/fall months. Introduce an oil into your routine will not only hydrate in the short-term but will also help your skin to improve moisture retention in the long haul. Look for oils rich in vitamin C to help prevent inflammation and brighten dull complexions.


Unless your skin is super oily or breakout-prone, reduce the amount of clay-based and exfoliating masks you’re using and consider using hydrating masks 2-3 days a week instead. As autumn-fall gives way to winter you’re likely to feel even more dryness, so now’s a good time to add extra moisture to the skin in preparation for the big freeze. Most hydrating masks don’t need to be rinsed off so you can even leave them on overnight for an added boost. 

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