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How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

In the 'beauty world', there are few higher compliments one can be paid than “You have perfect eyebrows.” Brows are a complicated sector of self-care—the last vestige of untouched, truly effortless aesthetics, where the right mix of genetics and cosmetic restraint allows you to show off your gifts.

Eyebrow threading is used to shape and design the eyebrows, by removing excess and overgrowth of hair in this area. The technique of threading is not only reserved to eyebrows, and can also be useful in removing unwanted hair that tends to grow on the face, including the area above the lip, the chin, sideburns, and cheeks. This will allow you to achieve an overall facial smoothness. The method of eyebrow threading is just that, a technique that uses thread to remove hair. While threading isn't as tedious as plucking single hairs, it can feel just as uncomfortable the first few times you have it done. One of the reasons people favor this method over waxing and laser hair removal is that it does not result in painful ingrown hairs. Additionally, it is inexpensive and generally less painful. In most cases, after two to four weeks when the hairs begin to grow back, they are more faint and after a few treatments begin growing back much slower. For people with sensitive skin, threading is a welcome alternative that involves no harsh chemicals of any kind.


Brow shaping is perfect for someone looking for bold and elegant eyebrows. Create the perfect arch for your face, and amazing symmetry.

Brow Tinting *

Using a vegetable based dye, we carefully apply a tint to your brows, that will match or resemble your natural hair colors, to give you a more defined and fuller look. Tints last generally 2-4 weeks. Brow tinting is a great gateway to microblading.