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Here’s Exactly How to Choose Corrective Concealer

  • Leave it to the experts to find your perfect eyebrow shape, then maintain them yourself every couple days/weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows back. I recommend doing some research or ask around for the best ‘eyebrow person’ – someone who has the skills to find the right brow shape for your face.  This is a visit you’ll want to invest in, and will be the starting point for you to continue maintaining your brows on your own, or in-between salon visits.
  • As often as you spot stray hairs growing back, take a few minutes time to do a little maintenance on your brows.  Grab a mirror and head somewhere where there is natural light (like by a window) so you can clearly see all the hairs, and then tweeze anything that’s growing outside of your brow area.  Following your professionally shaped brows exactly will also help you avoid over plucking.  Don’t go crazy though – when in doubt, just leave it!  Also, don’t worry if your brow hairs grow in fast after the first visit – they’ll slowly stop growing back the more you pluck them (which is another reason why you don’t want to over do it!).

Use powder eyebrow products to add fullness.

  • Why powder?  For one, powder products won’t drag or pull on your skin and brow hairs, and are by far the gentlest.  My favorite is  Perfect Brush on Brows.  Pencils on the other hand, particularly waxing ones, can stick to your hairs and end up pulling them out. The second reason I recommend powder products is because they create the most natural looking finish. It’s more difficult to detect powder versus pencil strokes; powder can appear more blurred, diffused, and less harsh overall.  Lastly, powders allows you more shade options since eye shadow shades can double as brow powders Devezin Cosmetics, for example, has a huge range of shadows in several eyebrow-complimenting shades that would match every persons brows.

Bold Eyes

1. Primer: To make sure the pigment stays put, prep your lids with an eye shadow base or a neutral cream eye shadow-it gives the color something to hold onto.

2. Blend well: Soften the edges of your eye shadow with your fingers or a brush so that it doesn't look harsh. By blending the color, you get a perfect look.

3. Define your eyes: Pull it all together by adding a couple of coats of mascara and a little bit of eyeliner-it'll make the shadow stand out even more. 

4. Daytime or Night: For a work appropriate look, use a bright color right along the lash line only, on the outer corner or just smudge a little onto inner corners of your eyes. At night, use a shimmery bright shade or layer a metallic color over a bold matte shadow. Blend it from your lash lines to just above the crease. 

5. Don’t match your clothes: Instead of going blue jacket-blue shadow, wear a eyeshadow color that contrasts with your clothes or a color that compliments your eyes & skin-tone! For example, try a green blouse with a sheer purple shadow.

If your eyes are doing the scene-stealing, keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum. This means no bold red lip or crazing contouring. Keep it simple and opt for a neutral lip color and blush.

Tone it down with a bit of black.

Adding a line of black eyeliner to your lash line can help ground your "look-at-me" eye-shadow. Putting on a few extra layers of black mascara is also an effective way to make the color look less severe. If you still find your shadow too much for you, try mixing it with a neutral shade to tone it down.

Skincare in the Winter

During the coldest months, skin gets the driest. With indoor air and dust, as well as a constantly running heater, you might find yourself feeling itchy and scaly. The answer is-- drink more water, moisturize, and then drink more water and moisturize some more. Get the point?

Try a more intense night therapy for your hands, feet and body by using coconut oil as body butter. Apply a small amount to your elbows, knees and anywhere else that needs some extra moisture.
Mix a little brown sugar into your coconut oil to make a fast and easy lip scrub that can keep chapped lips looking smooth and supple. Apply lip balm liberally, and watch for options that contain SPF to protect lips from the sun, especially if you’re out in the snow. We often don’t think of sun protection in the winter, but with the sun’s rays reflecting on snow and clouds, it can be deceptively hard on our skin.

Be sure to remove all makeup at night, which can dry skin out as well as clog pores. Try a micellar water to remove your makeup without drying out skin or causing you to scrub and pull at your eyes and sensitive areas.

If you really need a little boost, try a hydrating mask of honey. Any honey will do, but Manuka honey (available at natural food stores) has antibacterial properties and can be especially healing and nourishing for dry, sensitive or combination skin.

Remember all year long to treat your skin with care and tenderness. Our skin is amazing and sensitive and should be cared for and protected everyday. Be good to yourself and your skin!

What you need to know to protect your skin this summer

Wear UV protection sunglasses, broad-brimmed hats and protective clothing including Ultraviolet Protection (particularly UPF 30+) clothing. People who wear just sunscreen get more burned than someone also wearing a hat or other clothing.

Apply about a shot-glass full of sunscreen every two hours. Simply because every time you sweat it out you have to apply it again. And in case you are wondering: All skin colors need sun protection.

Look for sunscreen that will protect you from both UVB and UVA rays. Tip: UVB rays are the chief cause of sunburn and skin inflammation. UVA rays play a major role in skin aging and wrinkling.

Note: Both UVB and UVA rays can cause gene mutations and skin cancer.

Are Super-High Spf's Worth It?
Just an fyi, SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks 97% and SPF 50 blocks 98%. I strongly recommend SPF 15 or higher.

It doesn't take a lot to have smooth, supple skin. Its as easy as my basic 3 step system: cleansing, toning and moisturizing- the essentials for achieving a clean fresh complexion.

Its the easy solution for woman who want healthy-looking, beautiful looking, beautiful feeling skin.
  • First determine your skin's undertone, this will work in your favor. But how exactly do you find your skin's undertone? It's as easy as looking at the underside of your wrist in natural sunlight. If your veins appear bright blue, you have a cool undertone and pinks or berry colored lipsticks will work best. If veins appear green, you’re warm-toned. Salmons, peaches and corals should be your go-to. Eye color and Hair color can really help determine which lipstick shades will pop against your complexion. Tip: enhance green and hazel eyes with cherry-red lips. Blue eyes work best with coral hues. Brown-eyes go with pink hues. Rosy tones often balance the brown color and give a more sophisticated  look.
  • Dab a luminous primer along your orbital bone. This will give the concealer something to adhere to.
  • Create a “V shape” yellow-tone concealer on cheekbones and a peachy one below each eye. Blend well.
  • If you want a brighter look cover lower lash line (including inner rim) with white gel liner (or pencil), then blend with a brush.
  • Apply mascara through upper and lower lashes.

How Do I Waterproof My Foundation:

Waterproof makeup is great for those times when you need your makeup to hold up. Whether it's due to excessive heat or humidity, swimming or even attending a function where you know you will be shedding tears, it is important that your makeup is not running down your face.

A makeup finishing spray may be the solution you have been looking for when it comes to making your foundation makeup waterproof or water resistant. A finishing spray is used after you apply your makeup. They lock in moisture and keep your makeup looking fresh and like you just applied it. Finishing spray or sealants can make your makeup last all day long and be resistant to smudges. Now, who wouldn't want that.

How to Select Your Foundation

The first step in selecting foundation is profiling your skin type. Do you know if your skin is oily, dry, normal, combination, or sensitive?

Both your skin type and the look you'd like to achieve help you determine the best level of coverage. More brands are introducing highly-pigmented options, which allow you to get a flawless finish with a lightweight formula.

How do I use BB cream?
  • BB TIP 1: BB any way you want. Use it as a primer. Use it for light coverage. Use it however you see fit
  • BB TIP 2: Don’t use too much! Just a pea size will do. (Hint: if you need more coverage, see tip #3. No need for lots of layers.
  • BB TIP 3: Looks great alone for quick, camera-ready skin. Or pair BB with your favorite foundation for more coverage. We adore it with Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder
  • BB TIP 4: Have dry skin? Still moisturize first. Have oily/combination skin? BB is all you’ll need
  • BB TIP 5: Regular use will improve your skin! BB is loaded with anti-aging peptides for a decrease in fine lines over time, plus it guards against harmful rays with SPF 35.

Add Highlight Dab luminizer on the center of the eyelid. The light contrasts with the darkness of the lashes, making
eyes pop.
 To add definition with mascara. Upturned lashes let in more light, thus brightening the eye area. Curl lashes and add definition by wiggling the mascara wand right at the root of the lashes. Always target your concealer. There are a couple spots you should dab for an instantly brighter look. Apply concealer on the vein just above the inner corner of your eyes, and right below the brow bone for a lifting effect.

Plump and smooth fine lines and crow’s feet with a trusty eye cream. Look for a formula that combats puffiness, discoloration and lines long-term, but adds an instant pick-me-up with a light-reflecting ingredient, like pulverized mica.

Always apply sunscreen around your eyes. When your skin is protected, it doesn’t need to work overtime (aka fend off UVA and UVB rays) and can focus on important things, like repairing wrinkles from the inside out.

To make the whites of your eyes look brighter, use a light pencil under under the eyes

Separate clumpy eye lashes with a lash comb available at beauty supply stores

To get the best curl out of eyelashes use a blow dryer to heat an eyelash curler for about five seconds before using

If you need to to go from day to evening without starting from scratch, apply eye foundation before shadowing

Use waterproof formulations whenever possible

Always wipe wands off before using to avoid clumping

When applying mascara to bottom lashes, hold a tissue under the lash so that mascara doesn't end up on the skin.

Are you an absolute clutz when it comes to lining your eyes? Use a shadow as liner, or steady your hand by leaning your elbow on a table when applying

Make your eyeliner last each time you sharpen it by putting it in the freezer for at least 15 minutes prior sharpening This will ensure a perfect point with no crumbling

Pull your eyelid taut when applying eyeliner

It actually helps you to keep your mouth open when applying eye makeup It keeps you from blinking

Always apply liner in short feathery brushes

Create a V shape with a soft powder at the outer corner of the eyes to lift


  • Wide-set eyes To make your eyes look closer together, apply deep-toned shadow to the inner halves of the lids LIGHT - toned shadow goes on the outer halves
  • Close-set eyes Open up eyes by brushing deep toned shadow on the outer half of the lids Blend from the center of the eyes out and up to just above the crease
  • Use a light shadow on the inner halves of the lids and just under the brow bone

  1. Do your purchases make sense for your budget?
  2. Are you buying to fit into the current trends but feel frustrated?
  3. Do you shop emotionally?
  4. Do you conceal the part you hate and ignore the power of blending?
  5. If you could have a professional makeup artist on speed dial, wouldn't it ease a lot of your anxiety? Using a personal makeup artist isn't just for the rich and famous. I have clients of all economic situations.
Get started today working with me, and I promise you will leave with a whole new approach to who you are and how you have been viewing your self.

In your session you will:
  • Have your wardrobe pruned to what fits you and what works for your body.
  • I will teach you how to apply your makeup like a pro in 5 min.
  • Learn to buy what you need, so that your ROI is higher.
  • How you feel about yourself, is more important than the car you drive.
  • Learn to address the part of your body that you have a hard time with.
I will create fun, compelling, eclectic looks that you can simply import into your computer and tablet...Looks for every occasion.

So, what are the perks of working with me?

  • I bring the best Los Angeles Makeup Artistry. It's as if you're sitting in Barneys New York Beverly Hills, without a single interruption.
  • I have a detailed eye for how your makeup should look, how your clothing should fit. I can rework any color into countless other possibilities.
  • I'm known for reworking sentimental favorites - like your 21st birthday ensemble - into current creations.
  • I know how to shop and create looks right out of this month's magazines for pennies of any designers price tag. Whether its makeup, clothing or shoes.
  • I know where to cheat and where to splurge.
Once we have finished our sessions together. You are never alone. You can email me your latest cosmetics purchase that you may be unsure of or the shoes that you bought on a whim, I'm here for you.

To find out more about home styling Email me


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