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Beauty Within Teen Esteem April 29th Northridge Fashion Center

Easter is almost here. High School Prom Season is just around the corner. What will you wear? How will you style you makeup and hair. Well No worries. I will be right around the corner at the local mall. I am partnering with several stores to help give you the look you desire.. whether its a Red Carpet look, maybe old Hollywood, or Just a girl in a pretty dress.. Let my makeup artist take your breathe away...

I was just thinking about my prom several years back... And I knew then that if I could make a person feel as comfortable and special as I was made to feel, and If I could help one teenager accept another who was 'different" in any way, I would do something really wonderful. So, please come out and support our future leaders.. I can not wait to make a young lady feel like a million bucks..

Come stop bye CACHE at Northridge Fashion Center, Northridge, CA. Near CSUN.