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TRENDING: Fall 2012 Looks

3 Lip Looks For Fall -  Devezin Cosmetics 

Since the mouth is one of our most expressive features, it's very deserving of a fall makeover with one of three fresh colors that are dominating the red carpet and now, our own lipstick collection. The shades to try now are a bright pink like Emily Blunt's playful one, a hue like Jennifer Lawrence's deep burgundy, which is the new red lip for this season, and a dusty rose like Elizabeth Olsen's easy-to-wear shade. The beauty of each of these colors is that there's a tone to suit everyone woman's complexion. Now Kiss! these lip products will make you smile.

Proud Pink
If you wear a bright pink on your lips, try a subtle pink blush and nothing but mascara (and a bit of concealer if needed) on the eyes
Wine Stained Mouth
If this color is too intense for you, try dabbing it on with your finger and topping it with lip balm to give the illusion of a subtle blood-red stain
Lip Wheel Combos
The Rose Outlook
Dusty rose is a fantastic color to wear on lips when you do a more intense eye
 Lip Shine Wands

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Take a tissue and separate it into two halves. Place one sheet on your lips and dust a translucent powder or HD Powder over the lips, through the tissue. This is a trick you'll see makeup artists doing backstage at fashion shows.  This sets the color, without depositing a layer of powder.
Lightly apply a bit more lipstick and your lip color is ready to go the distance!

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