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How to Fake Beyonce's Dazzling Glow

When a dazzling star singer like Beyonce struts down the red carpet, we hear a collective awwwww from on lookers everywhere. The singer looked beautiful and absolutely radiant. Call it great genes or radiance-boosting happiness—whatever it is we wanted to score that drunken love worthy beauty for ourselves. So we called upon Eric Devezin, celebrity makeup artist, to get the inside scoop. Here's his rundown:
"Start with a liquid foundation to even out your skin tone. To get Beyonce's look, I suggest a liquid formula over a powder or cream because your skin will be left feeling moisturized, supple and perfectly dewy like finish. I like Devezin Cosmetics Natural Finish Foundation creates flawless-looking skin without covering too much. Use a concealer, like Devezin Cosmetics Hide it Concealer or BB Cream your eyes and anywhere you might want to brighten your skin (corners of the eyes, bridge of nose, brow bones). Then dust a bronzer (I suggest Devezin Cosmetics Highlighting Bronzer) on the apples of your cheeks and on top of cheekbones for a nice, luminous glow."And for the no-makeup girl, try dabbing a little “face oil” its actually an O.G. beauty routine — the sort of regimen that women and men used thousands of years ago to groom (and, in some cases, moisturize away the desert heat)

Today, a combination of extracts — coconut,jojoba, almond, hemp, avocado, rosemary, ylang ylang, argan, and others, depending o n each brand — are blended to accomplish a sorta-scientific miracle. With oily skin, these natural ingredients trick your skin into thinking it already has enough oil, shutting off sebum production and closing down the shine factory. In dry or blemished areas, the soothing plant materials also help to lock-in moisture by forming a protective barrier, while also cleaning out or refreshing pores to end irritation and quell redness. These traits make face oils great for dry, oily, or combination skin as they balance, detoxify, and mattify with just a minuscule amount of liquid. Tip: Apply on top of your cheekbones, cupids bow, and eyelids for an au natural radiance.
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