Thinning Eyebrows?

If you’re dealing with hair loss of your eyebrows, you can’t solve the problem without the right products to accelerate growth. One product in particular that will do you wonders is an eyebrow serum that can condition your arches while also treating the issue. Keep in mind the best growth serum for eyebrows will not only tackle eyebrow hair loss, but it will also prevent it in the future.

For a quick temporary fix: Using a fine-tip eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas is an easy way to create hair-like fibers that won’t look unnatural. To get a closer look at the natural shape of your eyebrows and to spot any unevenness, first brush your eyebrows upwards with a spoolie brush. The goal is to really have the most even brows, but try not to overly fill in the inside corners of the brows or make the end points too harsh. If there are any harsh lines once you’re done filling them in, use a spoolie brush to blend out the color.

You can follow this up by using a clear eyebrow gel to keep any unruly hairs in place or brush up your brows for a natural look. For a more dramatic look, use a brow pomade or brow powder and angled brush to fill in your arches.

  • Use a spoolie brush and brush the eyebrow hairs upward.
  • Use a small, angled eyebrow brush for application.
  • With very light hand pressure, start by applying the product at the base of the eyebrows, brushing from the center of the brows out towards the ends.
  • Continue brushing the pigment throughout the brows with light strokes, eventually making your way to the top of the eyebrows.
  • Once you reach the inner corners of your eyebrows, use the lightest pressure as you’ll want less pigment here.
  • With a small makeup brush, blend out any harsh lines and soften up the overall look.
    Pro tip: if you prefer low-maintenance when it comes to your beauty routine, a tinted eyebrow gel gives you a simple one-and-done approach to fuller brows.

    Using the applicator included with your eyebrow gel, begin by brushing the color onto the middle of your eyebrows out towards the ends. Using the leftover pigment on your brush, brush the eyebrow gel onto the beginning of your brows at the inner corners towards the center. If the overall pigment is too intense, use a clean spoolie brush to blend it out.
A newer technique, eyebrow lamination, has now hit the scene and has likely been all over your Instagram feed. The technique originated in Russia and involves chemically straightening your eyebrows so that the hair is smoothed into a vertical direction. The result is fluffier, fuller brows, minus the tattoo-like procedure of microblading.

"At the end of the day, getting your brows back into tip-top shape is going to take patience and commitment. You won’t see a change overnight, or even in a few days, but the waiting game is so worth it. Remember, stay away from the tweezers for now."



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