Perfect Holiday makeup in only 5 minutes

Prep your skin with Primer and then apply Foundation 

Layer and Contour your products 

Set your look with Powder

Go heavy on mascara, liner, and lips 👄

Glitter: Yes? No? How?

“Yes!” I recommend a sophisticated shimmer with a hint of glimmer. Pro tip: Try a winged eyeliner starting with a natural base color on the lid, then creating boldness with glitter eyeliner. You could also go with a soft eyeliner and feather out glitter all over the lid, but make sure not to apply it all the way to the brow bone. Still another look is a bold eyeliner with glitter—smudge out your basic eyeliner then top it with the glimmer or shimmer.

During the holiday scramble, it’s natural to want to apply a little color and go, but sometimes it’s easier (and stress free) to slip into the makeup artist’s chair, sip a glass of champagne, relax, lean back and let the professional work their magic.

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