Saturday, May 28, 2016

Can You do Winged Eyeliner?

If you are obsessed with all things beauty but unsure of where to turn for guidance and inspiration, this is for you. Think of me as your guide, letting you in on how to finally conquer your fear of the magic marker felt tip liquid liner and embrace the wonder that is winged eyeliner.
It seems some of you are eyeliner-wielding masters, waving your gel, kohl and liquid wands to create perfect works of art with just a flick of the wrist. All the while, the novice has a rough time simply tracing their lash line. Old Hollywood starlets and cat-eye predecessors like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, started the winged eyeliner look. 
As with any issue, the first step is admitting you have a problem. We are looking for real women to participate in our eyeliner tutorials . And just like riding a bike, eventually your hands will catch on and YOU will be able to create a beautiful, svelte wing all on your own--in under a minute.

Friday, May 27, 2016

SUMMER Beauty Challenge [DAY 5]

Today is the last day! Are you ready? I'm going to push the envelope. I know you can do it!

Here is your challenge for DAY 5!

I know this may be hard, but give it a shot. Simple suggestion; do orange and yellow. You don't like my suggestion? What about royal blue + exotic green? red + orange? yellow + purple? blue + red? The possibilities are endless. Pick a combination and go with it. It's Friday and you are finishing this challenge, right? Remember that during challenges, an expert may ask you to do things that don't seem necessary. However, we do things for a reason. There are reasons behind all our suggestions. We are teaching you new strategies, we are stretching your creative juices, we are creating change in your life. Trust the process!

Summer Beauty Challenge Day 5:  Do a bright bold color combo with a twist of you

Embrace the season by pumping up your look with vibrant shades. Simply enhance one feature and keep the rest of your face in your favorite neutrals.

Getting ready every morning shouldn't mean stressing about how to do your makeup that day—it should be about getting pumped to see your boo! To save you time, follow our advice to find your perfect, personalized daily beauty look.


So, if you haven’t quite figured out how to wing it, I encourage you to practice, practice, practice until you find the trick that works for you. Whether it be trial and error, there’s a solution out there. I believe you can fly, so go out there and just beat your face for LIFE!

                Be Bold *  Be Beautiful


SUMMER Beauty Challenge [DAY 4]

Have you shared any of your images with us? Remember you can on our Facebook page. In there you can ask questions, get feedback and share your win!

Here is your challenge for DAY 4!


Summer Beauty Challenge Day 4: Get your glow on

By the summer, nothing makes us feel quite as confident as glowing, radiant skin. But the truth is, we don’t always have the time (or energy) to spend on the perfect faux tan. That’s why I'm giving you the latest and greatest bronzing techniques that will accommodate any busy schedule, whether you have a week to prep for a special occasion or just a few minutes to fake a sunny getaway and (yes, it’s possible).

Summer is about baring skin and showing off the beautiful (fake) summer tan you have. But in order to look good baring that skin, you need to take some time to ready your skin and reverse the signs of neglect you showed your skin during fall, winter and spring.

You have so many choices when it comes to adding a little summer tint to your skin, and the tanning bed shouldn't be one of them. Using a sunless tanner will give your skin a beautiful start to summer. Even if you're not a fan of sunless tanners all over your body, you can happily use them just on your face. If you alternate your facial moisturizer with one that builds a bit of color, you'll have a healthy glow that will make it look as though you just spent the weekend on the beach. Most facial tanners build color gradually, and by alternating with your regular moisturizer you're skin will maintain a natural looking glow.

Throw away your unused sunscreen for a new bottle. Sunscreens aren't meant to last forever, and seeing as most people don't use as much as they should I bet you have a bottle or two stored away. Be safe and pick up a new one. And don't forget the most important sunscreen advice: USE IT. You should be using a shot glass full for your body, and a full teaspoon just on your face. Reapply every 1-2 hours that you are in the sun to ensure a summer full of safe sun fun.

Summer's only a few weeks way, so you still have time to prep your skin to get that summer glow! The summer is the opportune time to refresh your skincare regime, as you should do every season.

Follow these tips for glowing skin, and you'll be ready for summer in no time

There is nothing more beautiful than a natural looking Summer glow.  Its the best time of year

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SUMMER Beauty Challenge [DAY 3]

You are half way there. The rest is easy.

I’m so excited you've decided to join us again :)
This will be a FUN and HELPFUL challenge that will allow you to enjoy a polished and sharp look. Isn’t that fabulous?
Here is your challenge for DAY 3!
Summer Beauty Challenge Day 3: Create a fabulous look
Let's face it, we all want to look back on our pictures and think, "Wow I
looked fabulous!". But, the truth is smokey raccoon eyes and lipstick
stains on our teeth are not memories we want to relive. So ladies, here's the scoop on makeup tricks and tips you should know to look fabulous in selfies.
Believe it or not your makeup does have a huge impact on your
appearance in pics, from the smallest to the biggest details.

To look good in your selfies, you need to always blend in your makeup.
For example if you want to hide the dark circles under your eyes, be
sure to blend it in with the concealer to get rid of any white makeup
patches under your eyes in the pics. Yes they show! What's also very
important to consider is using a brush for blending, works like magic
and gives you a much better result than applying foundation with
your fingers.

Smiling is by far the most important makeup tip to look good in selfies.
When you smile, your face shows off your perfect you.

 Wear colors that makes you feel faboulus 

 Look Good & Feel Good!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SUMMER Beauty Challenge [DAY 2]

How is it going? How are you feeling so far?
Here is your challenge for DAY 2!


Summer Beauty Challenge Day 2: Wear a color you haven't worn in a while
It is easy to fall into the routine and wear the same blush  and eye shadow colors again and again. Today let's make a conscious effort to choose a color you like, but haven't worn in a while. Do you like red, orange, aqua, fuchsia? Let's do this!  
A coral eye shadow will never work without a healthy dose of confidence. Never pick a color like that and half-ass it. If you’re going for a bright, out-there color like orange or yellow, you have to commit to it. That means not blending it out until it’s so sheer that you can barely see it. Make sure it’s a strong color.

Wear a color you haven't worn in a while

                                  Rule 1: Own It!

Monday, May 23, 2016

SUMMER Beauty Challenge [DAY 1]

Trust the process and follow through. Believe me, there is a method to my madness ;)

Here is your challenge for DAY 1!


Summer Beauty Challenge Day 1: Try something new
You've been saving that eye makeup, lipstick or makeup brush for a special occasion.
Why don't you make today special and use these items? You deserve it. It's your
stuff (or lipstick or makeup tool). You earned it. Why not enjoy it? I
say you take that new item out of the box or bag and apply it now. It is not
about being afraid of new stuff. It is about wearing something that makes you
feel good (and looks good of course). When you feel good, you feel
grounded and your day flows better. Just like when you eat right, work
out or do meditation. Try it! (Just trust me!)


Thursday, May 12, 2016

5 Steps to Help You Create the Perfect Look

Something I hear from my clients over and over again is “I want to wear 'everyday' makeup, but don’t know how.” Some claim they really don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a daytime look. For this reason, I have outlined five easy steps to create the perfect look for any occasion.

Step #1 – Planning and Organization:
Whenever you are going to create a makeup look, ask yourself these questions:
What am I doing?
Think about the activity (watching a movie, talking to a crowd, sitting at a desk).
Are you going to be sitting down or walking around?
Where am I going?
The place is important. What’s the dress code? Do you need to wear a scarf, hat or take an umbrella, sneakers, heels? Do you need a change of clothes?
What do I want to project?
Do I want to look stylish, conservative, avant-garde, empowering?
How do I want to feel?
Do you need to wear lipstick only, mascara only perhaps? Do you want to feel relaxed? Is it important to feel put-together?
How’s the weather?
Is it raining, hot, cold, humid?
How am I getting there?
Am I walking to this place? Riding with a friend? Taking the metro or Uber?
After considering all these elements, move to step #2.

 Step #2 – Laying the Foundation:
To look fresh-faced, apply base only where you need it—around the eyes, nose, chin, and over redness or dark spots.Once you have decided on the base, then take step #3.
Step #3 – Add Contouring:

The first thing most people want to contour are the cheekbones. To start, try receding the hollow of the cheek. You can find the hollow of cheek right underneath the cheekbone—there, apply your darker low-light shadow using an angled medium or large brush. Every area you low-light, you want to balance with a highlight. After receding the hollow of the cheek, counter that by making cheekbones stand out. To do that, brush on a frosted gloss or light shadow along the cheekbones, and blend out toward the temple.

A basic strategy to slim down the nose just a bit (which remember, may not work on every face). For the nose, use the same low-light shade you used for cheeks. Start at inner corner of brow and apply down either side of the nose. Next, apply your highlight down the bridge of the nose and always use a matte product, even for highlighting. Finally, blend the two together using a brush.

To make the eyes pop in two simple steps, start with your low-light. Apply into the crease of the lid and blend well. Then, come in with a highlight, brush right along the brow bone.

To low-light, apply your darker shadow below the jaw along the jawline, right where the jaw meets the neck. Then blend down into the neck using a clean brush, so you don’t have a line of demarcation.

Lastly, highlight right on top of the jawline, and blend together. Be careful not to go all the way around to the chin here. You want to highlight on the sides, along the mandible.Once you have that covered, take step #4.
Step #4 –Primer, Concealer, Blush, Lip-gloss and Lip-liner:
Why bother with primer? it fills in lines, smooths an uneven texture, and holds foundation in place. So when you need your makeup to last all day (and look amazing), apply it over moisturized skin before your base. On time-crunched mornings when you want to keep it simple, you can even wear primer solo it also corrects skin issues, so you can control shine, get a glow, hide redness—whatever you need!

Use concealer over foundation on circles and spots to perfect everything. Especially, if you’re in a rush, just dab concealer where you need to erase skin imperfections without heavy coverage.

Wake up your face with blush or bronzer. Smile and apply color to the apples of your cheeks in circular motions. Make sure it doesn’t sit directly under the eyes—that screams too much. Pro tip: use a fan brush to sweep bronzer where the sun would hit your face (cheekbones, nose, and jawline).

For eyes apply shadow then liner then mascara. This is the order to follows for applying eye makeup. Always go back and layer. You can always add a little more liner at the lash line, an extra pop of shimmer shadow in the center of the lid, etc.

Your lips may need balm first, then liner, then a neutral lipstick, and of course, use gloss only if you want!

Step #5 – The Final Touch: Glitter
Add some sparkle and personality to your look with glitter or shimmer.

If you need makeup advice, let us know. You can join our free my personal makeup artist membership here.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Take the SUMMER Beauty Challenge!

Take our Summer Beauty Challenge & get free advice on what makeup looks to choose for 5 consecutive days!

Take a week off from choosing a makeup look for every day and let Eric pick for you.

We guarantee you a fabulous and polished look!

Who is this challenge for?

All women who work from home or in an office space and want to improve their professional appearance right away, as well as long term.

What is the challenge about?

Professional Makeup Artist, Eric Devezin will challenge you to take a specific action (beauty recommendation) every day for 5 days (Monday through Friday). He will also provide you with photos that will explain how to put that specific action into practice. Eric will provide you with two looks, one for working-from-home and one for working-from-the-office, so whether you decide to stay home or have a meeting at work he will have your back!

Why should I take the challenge?

You should take the challenge because:
  1. It will save you time > No more staring at your makeup bag for - what feels like - hours.
  2. It will help your mood > No more frustration figuring out what looks good on you, just pure bliss and joy.
  3. It will save you money > You will make the most out of your existing makeup and come up with new ideas for future looks.
  4. It will set you up for success > You will feel confident and ready for meetings, unexpected appointments and visits.
  5. It will teach you key makeup tips to make your life easier (Do I need to say more?)
When does the challenge start?

It starts Monday, May 23rd, 2016. Summer begins June 20, 2016! However, make sure to check your email the night before (Sunday) to receive your first beauty challenge action and makeup look options. This way you already know what to wear Monday morning and if you like leaving everything ready the night before, there you go!

Where do I sign up?

Please join us by replying with your Full Name and Email here!

Take the SUMMER Beauty Challenge!

with- Professional Makeup Artist

 Beauty is Everything. Feel Pretty. Be Empowered.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Have you told your friends about the party?


We have created a #hashtag tweet for you, so you can easily copy and paste to your Twitter to spread the word and get more people involved!


“I just rsvp’d to Ask A Professional Makeup Artist Twitter Party with @devezinbeauty and I can’t wait to start creating makeup looks I desire!” #SmallBizBeauty

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Join Us For "Ask A Professional Makeup Artist" Twitter Party

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TWITTER PARTY

Follow us for free personal makeup advice & free gifts HERE

Hi Everyone! Next week from May 1st to May 7th it’s National Small Business Week and to celebrate we are hosting a party! I invite you to join me next Thursday, May 5 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. PST (I have a time converter available for you below!) I’m going to open the floor for any beauty problems or questions you may have LIVE. Tell a friend and join us!! To rsvp and for more details, please contact me now.

In honor of the National Small Business Week, we have decided to host a party!
Come join us Thursday, May 5 on Twitter at @DevezinBeauty for Ask A Professional Makeup Artist Twitter Party!

The party will be from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. (PST) / 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. (EST). Check your time zone here!

I’m going to have a few ladies from my neighborhood, serve them a glass of champagne and open the floor for any beauty questions you may have!

See You Soon


Eric Devezin

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